Trying to find the right temperature at which to set your thermostat depends on several factors, including how much heat you can stand, what your energy bill budget is, and what other things you can do to keep yourself comfortable. EnergyStar recommends that air conditioners be set no colder than 78 degrees. If this is a temperature you can live with, you might try moving the thermostat setting up by one degree over the course of several days until it’s uncomfortable. The higher your AC thermostat is set, the less money you’ll have to pay for your energy bill. If 78 degrees is too warm, you can move the temperature down by one degree until you find a setting that is good for you.

A programmable thermostat gives you the option to turn up the heat while you’re away from home. It will also allow you to turn up the thermostat when you’re in bed. Most people can sleep at 4 degrees warmer than what the daytime setting is. Taking advantage of your programming features will help you save more money.

A ceiling fan will create a windchill that may allow you to set the thermostat at five degrees hotter than its normal setting. Window coverings that reflect the sun’s warm rays will also allow you to keep the AC set a little higher. Being comfortable may be your top priority, but if you’re budget-conscious or environmentally aware, finding a setting that keeps your home cool enough is best.

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