There’s never a better time to check on the condition of your home’s plumbing than after winter is in the rearview mirror. When you begin spring cleaning, make sure you give the following parts of your plumbing system the attention they deserve:

  • Inspect your sump pump: Is your sump pump ready for spring rains? Check the pump to make sure it’s working by filling the tank with water and waiting for the pump to turn on. Fix any problems right away to prevent flooding in your basement.
  • Check exposed piping: During the winter, it’s not unusual for pipes to crack as a result of the constant heating and cooling. Give these pipes a thorough inspection and fix any cracks to prevent pinhole leaks. 
  • Check your outdoor faucets: Before you use your garden hose for the first time, check the outdoor hose bibs for signs of damage. These fixtures were exposed to cold temperatures and may have developed cracks. Replace the bibs if there’s any sign of damage to prevent leaks. 
  • Check water pressure: Have you noticed your water pressure is lower than usual? It’s possible there’s a water leak in a hidden pipe. Call a plumber to test for hidden leaks and fix any issues right away. 
  • Clear debris from floor drains: Do you have items stored around the floor drains in your basement or garage? Clear the area and make sure there aren’t any items obstructing the drain. 

In addition to doing your own plumbing checks, it’s also a good idea to make an appointment with licensed plumbers in Pittsburgh to give your home a complete plumbing inspection. At Stahl Plumbing, we believe everyone deserves to have working plumbing 24/7. If you had problems with any part of your plumbing system during the winter, these problems won’t go away with warmer weather. Let our team of experts repair or replace faulty plumbing parts, and you’ll enjoy hassle-free showers, baths, cooking, cleaning, and more!

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