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Why Preventive Maintenance Is Necessary for Air Conditioning Systems

Preventing problems is often a lot easier than solving them. If you have a car, you make sure to put gasoline in it and change the oil regularly to keep the vehicle running smoothly and prevent damage to the engine. You do what you can to eat healthfully and get enough exercise to help your body stay well and ward off illness. Your home’s HVAC or air conditioning system is another thing that needs regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance of your

Is Your Vegetation Near Your AC Unit?

Once the summer in Pittsburgh gets going, you’re thankful to have central air conditioning in your home. Your AC unit helps to keep your house cool and comfortable, even as outdoor temperatures push past 90 degrees and the relative humidity approaches 100%. Sure, you want an attractive yard with lots of vegetation to spruce up the look. However, vegetation around the AC unit may do more damage than help make your landscape look good. Here’s how to arrange your plants

Essential Ways to Stop Plumbing Emergencies

From burst pipes to overflowing toilets, plumbing emergencies can give you a headache and be a source of financial stress. The trick to beating plumbing problems is to keep them from happening in the first place. A few smart moves can help you stop plumbing emergencies before they start, protecting your home and your wallet. It’s also a good idea to have the number of a plumbing installation contractor in Pittsburgh, PA handy so that you know who to call

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Late Summer Air Conditioner Issues

It’s nearly the end of August, the kids are about to head back to school, and you’ve started to think about cool fall days ahead. Almost as if on cue, you’ve started to notice something strange about your air conditioner. Maybe it’s making a whirring, buzzing, or banging noise. It could be that it’s working harder to cool your rooms. Some rooms in your home might feel warmer than others, and other rooms might be too chilly. Since summer’s drawing

Measures to Take for Air Conditioning Season

As the seasons change, so do your home comfort needs. While your furnace helps to keep your home cozy and warm in the winter, as summer gets going, your home’s air conditioning steps forward to take on the role of keeping you comfortable at home. Air conditioning in Pittsburgh, PA, is practically a necessity to help you get through the hot, sticky summer. As you gear up for the season ahead, there are a few things you need to do

Spring Plumbing: Critical Tips to Save You from Disaster

There’s never a better time to check on the condition of your home’s plumbing than after winter is in the rearview mirror. When you begin spring cleaning, make sure you give the following parts of your plumbing system the attention they deserve: Inspect your sump pump: Is your sump pump ready for spring rains? Check the pump to make sure it’s working by filling the tank with water and waiting for the pump to turn on. Fix any problems right

Signs It’s Time for Your Home AC Tune-Up

You’ve shoveled the last snow, stored the winter gear, and can’t wait to switch your HVAC system from HEAT to COOL. Not so fast! Before turning on the AC for the first day of the cooling season, read about the signs your system needs a tune-up. All HVAC systems let homeowners know it’s time routine AC service in Pittsburgh, PA, so don’t ignore your cues. You Can’t Get Cool When your air conditioner blows nothing more than warm air, it’s

Tips for Getting Your AC Unit Spring-Ready

Your air conditioner keeps your home comfortably cool in the spring. This is the season when the weather starts warming up. The rising temperatures in springtime compels you to you start using your AC unit again. However, your air conditioner has been sitting dormant for months and probably needs a tune-up. Here are four tips to help you get your air conditioning in Pittsburgh, PA, ready for spring. Clean Dirt and Debris In fall and winter, your air conditioner doesn’t

Ways of Extending the Lifespan of Your Plumbing System

Major plumbing repairs are one thing that no homeowner wants to deal with. Of course, everything in a home will deteriorate over time, and eventually, repairs are going to be necessary. However, there are a few things that you can do to extend the lifespan of your plumbing system as a whole, and reduce the likelihood of major issues. If you do have a plumbing problem pop up and an unfortunate time, contact our 24-hr emergency plumber in Pittsburgh, PA,

Top Things to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Plumber

Anyone who manages or owns a commercial building knows that plumbing problems can happen anytime. Commercial plumbing systems often require repair sooner than residential plumbing because these systems are exposed to more wear and tear. Building managers and commercial property owners need to know who they’ll call before an emergency happens. Here are some tips for finding quality commercial plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA. Experience Commercial properties have plumbing configurations and fixtures that are bigger and more complex than the