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The Reasons Behind a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Even if you’re not a professional plumber, there’s nothing like a clogged kitchen sink to motivate you to find the tool to get that clog to move. Before you dump anything down the drain or poke around in it with a sharp object, you’ll want to first get to the bottom of the problem. Check out what the experts in kitchen plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA, say about the most common causes of kitchen sink clogs. It’s a Trap Every

Factors That Can Affect the Cost of Bathroom Plumbing

Discovering a plumbing problem usually creates two stress points. The first is worrying about whether the issue will result in water damage or a messy cleanup. The second stress point is cost. It’s nearly impossible for a homeowner to estimate how much a plumbing repair will cost before calling the plumber. All you can do is take a deep breath and trust that you’re putting the repair in the hands of a qualified professional. While you’re waiting for the plumber

The Dangers Associated with Drips and Leaks

Whenever you hear that “drip drip” noise coming from one of your faucets, you might think it’s annoying, but how long will you let the drips continue before doing something about it? If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you might learn to just live with the small drips and leaks. After all, if they’re small leaks, how bad can they be? The reality is that even seemingly insignificant leaks can be very damaging to your home. Here are a

Common Problems Associated with Your Boiler

Despite what the groundhog said, winter isn’t over yet. You’re still counting on your heating system to keep your house warm, especially on those chilly early mornings and downright cold nights. If you’re using a boiler for home heating, you’ll want to read today’s post. In it, you’ll find the most common boiler issues that drive calls for home heating repair in Pittsburgh, PA. Paying attention to signs of boiler problems can save you from spending a cold night huddled

Reasons Why Your Drains Are Stinking Badly

The last thing anyone wants to have in their home is an unpleasant smell. The cleanest houses can take on a horrible smell when there are drainage issues. If you catch a whiff of a bad odor coming from your drains, you want to eliminate the smell right away. There are many reasons drains smell. Some fixes are simple while others require professional plumbing installation in Pittsburgh, PA, to replace damaged sewer pipes. Keep reading to learn more about the

Things You Should Know about a Zoned HVAC System

Would you like more control over your home’s heating and cooling? Are some rooms hotter than others because they get more sunlight? Do you have rooms that never seem to warm up? Companies that offer heating installation services in Pittsburgh, PA, recommend zoned HVAC systems to help homeowners keep their homes comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about what zoned HVAC systems do and why they’re recommended by home heating service professionals. What Is Zoned HVAC? In a nutshell, a

Top Plumbing Lessons You Must Have Learned This Winter

Winter weather can cause many residential plumbing problems. Learning how to manage your plumbing better during colder months will save you a lot of frustration and frantic calls for emergency plumbing service. Here are 3 things you should know about using your plumbing during the winter months.  Frozen pipes: When pipes freeze, they burst and cause a huge mess. Prevent this from happening by unhooking outdoor hoses and turning the water off. Consider insulating pipes to keep them warmer in

Factors Affecting the Cost of Replacing a Water Heater

To live comfortably at home during the winter, you’ll need your water heater. But, it’s susceptible to wear. Once that happens, you’ll end up with a faulty unit that doesn’t produce warm water. Calling for a heating furnace repair in Pittsburgh, PA, is the best thing to do, but sometimes it has to be replaced. When this happens, you might be tempted to cut costs by buying a generic unit from the store and installing it yourself, but this can

Tips for Avoiding Huge Heating Repair Bills

Having a busted heater is a nightmare for any homeowner, especially in the middle of winter. Plus, since the cost of fixing it is typically astronomical, paying for it isn’t economical. Thankfully, you can avoid experiencing both of these by following some tips given by professionals of emergency heating repair in Pittsburgh, PA. According to these experts, most of the major repairs they’ve done can be prevented. With a bit of mindfulness, you can avoid huge heating repair bills while

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Plumbing System

Plumbing repairs are something nobody wants to deal with. And yet, many homeowners are damaging their plumbing on a daily basis, thereby dooming themselves to eventual problems. Of course, most of them don’t realize that what they’re doing is detrimental to their plumbing—and you might be making the exact same mistakes. Keep reading to find out the common mistakes people make that damages their plumbing systems that might require emergency plumbing service in Pittsburgh, PA. Flushing Foreign Objects Unfortunately, toddlers