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Air Conditioning Problems: Causes and Quick Fixes

When your air conditioning isn’t working, it’s not unusual to feel panicked and unsure of what to do. The good news is that there are plenty of air conditioning problems that are easily fixed by knowledgeable homeowners. Check out these common air conditioning problems and their quick fixes:

5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs Plumbing Repair

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are eaten, plans are made, and families spend quality time together. Whenever there are plumbing problems in the kitchen, it can be very disruptive. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of potential problems and get plumbing services as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn more about the signs of kitchen plumbing problems to know when you need to call the plumbing service company. Low Water Pressure

Top Five Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Not every plumbing problem requires a call to a plumber. In fact, with the right tools, you’ll be surprised at how handy you can be. Clogged toilets and leaky pipes can be handled in a matter of minutes when your tool box has the following 5 must-have tools:

Risks Associated with DIY Plumbing Repair

There are two things every person wants to save: time and money. When you find yourself facing a plumbing problem, the last thing you want to do is spend money on an emergency plumber. But before you pick up your toolbox, it’s important you know the risks involved in DIY plumbing repair. There are some jobs suitable for DIY repairs, but others always need the professional hand of a licensed plumber to fix properly. Keep reading to recognize the differences

The Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

You might think of hiring a plumber as a last resort, a task you only do when something has gone very wrong with your home plumbing. But it’s time for you to change your perspective! Here are the top benefits of scheduling regular plumbing maintenance.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying a New AC

Many homeowners make pretty common mistakes every year when buying a new AC for the summer. These range from shopping primarily by the price tag and ignoring SEER ratings, but there are many more that you should be aware of. To avoid these common mistakes, here’s what you need to avoid when buying your new AC this summer. Price Tag Shopping One of the biggest mistakes consumers make when buying new air conditioners is shopping entirely based on the price

Why Spring and Summer Are Great Times for Furnace Repair

Most people tend to ignore furnace issues during spring  and summer, and they wait until winter to do any needed furnace repair. However, according to home furnace repair experts, spring and summer are the perfect times to install, replace, or repair your furnace so that you are prepared to face the extremely cold weather ahead of time. Here are several reasons why furnace repair should be done in spring and summer.  Cost Saving During the cold winter weather, energy bills

5 Reasons to Schedule a Regular AC Tune-Up

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, half of a home’s energy consumption is cooling and heating. This means that heating and air conditioning systems are always in regular use. Therefore, there is so much straining on this equipment. It is advisable to schedule regular appointments for tune-ups and maintenance to ensure that your systems are running smoothly and efficiently. Stahl Plumbing highlights 5 benefits of doing regular AC tune-ups. Keeping Your Warranty Intact Most air conditioners

4 Signs You Need an Emergency Plumbing Service

When a plumbing issue happens in your home, you might try to fix it on your own. While this seems like a good idea, not all plumbing problems should be fixed by DIYers. The best thing that you can do in these types of plumbing situations is to know when to call for professional plumbing services. Check out these common plumbing signs that let you know you need 24 hour emergency plumbing service. Leaking Pipes Anyone who lives in their

Commercial Plumbing Issues That Every Business Faces

Commercial properties aren’t immune to plumbing problems. In fact, businesses tend to deal with more plumbing issues that homeowners because of the amount of wear and tear the plumbing system is subjected to on a daily basis. Commercial plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA, is something that most business owners will need from time to time. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common commercial plumbing issues. Leaks Whether your building is small or large, it has an