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Do You Need a Fall HVAC Tune-Up? Find Out Here

If you made it through the summer without running into any air conditioner issues, count yourself lucky. When temperatures rise, your A/C unit shoulders a heavy burden in trying to keep your home cool—and this hard work can leave a lasting mark on your appliance as temperatures start to drop. For this reason, the fall season is a popular time to schedule A/C tune-ups before covering the appliance or storing it away for the winter months. If you’ve never scheduled

5 Signs That Its Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners do a lot of heavy lifting for residential homes as summer heats rise. Unfortunately, that workload means that even the best air conditioning units wear out and require replacement over time. Most air conditioners don’t completely break down overnight. Instead, they start wearing out over time, and developing new problems that forewarn homeowners that they’ll soon need a replacement for their air conditioner. But exactly when is it time to replace a central air conditioner—and what are the

What To Do If a Bird Nests in Your A/C Unit

Birds build their nests in locations that offer shelter and safety. But sometimes those locations can be a huge inconvenience for the humans living at those properties. Unfortunately, the cavernous space of an air conditioner unit can be attractive to birds looking to nest and lay eggs—and for homeowners and renters alike, the problem is difficult to ignore. Birds typically make a home in air conditioning units during times of the year when these units aren’t being actively used. But

Signs Your A/C Line is Clogged

While many homeowners might never have even noticed the condensate line on the side of their air conditioner, this small drain pipe plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of your A/C unit—and when it becomes clogged, A/C cooling problems aren’t far behind. Whether you handle A/C maintenance on your own or bring in an HVAC expert to handle your A/C cleaning and tuneups, it’s easy to overlook an HVAC drain line cleaning. If this line is neglected long

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool In a Heat Wave

High heat places a lot of stress on your home’s air conditioning unit. Even a fully functional air conditioner can struggle to maintain your desired indoor temperatures when heat waves strike. Add in poor insulation and/or an aging, undersized A/C unit, and you can suddenly find yourself in a situation where your indoor temperatures are steadily rising. If your A/C unit is losing the battle against high heat, you can take steps to support its cooling and stem the rising

Why Is My Thermostat Not Working?

Heating and cooling problems frequently end with a homeowner realizing, “Wait, why is my thermostat not working?” While that problem may be easy to identify, it’s not always easy to correct. Here’s what can go wrong with thermostats, and how you can get your thermostat working again. An Old-Fashioned Shock to the System Did your thermostat get bumped or knocked recently? Could it have been accidentally hit during play or while people were in a hurry? Thermostats, especially old thermostats,

Types of AC Homeowners Can Choose From

Selecting the right type of AC is crucial for home comfort, especially in the summer. What are the types of AC homeowners can choose from? While the two most common systems are the central air system and single-room air conditioners (commonly known as wall-mounted or window units), the ductless mini-split system is a third path that represents a bit of a compromise. Here we’ll take a hard look at these three types of AC, examine the strengths and capabilities of

What are the recommended AC settings for summer in Pittsburgh

Everyone knows about Pittsburgh’s harsh winters, but now that the hottest part of the year is upon us, you’re probably wondering, “What is the best temperature for an air conditioner in the summer?” This can be tricky, especially since temperatures in the city fluctuate so drastically from season to season and day to day. While Pittsburgh’s heat is not overbearing, it can be uncomfortable, and it’s important to know the best thermostat settings for your home. What is the best

Air Conditioning Options for Homes Without Ductwork

In Pittsburgh and throughout western Pennsylvania, there are many beautiful, historic homes built before our modern concept of installing central air. In a house without ducts, often tenants and homeowners stick to less-effective window units, which do little to make a home energy efficient and often don’t provide the relief from Pittsburgh’s hot and humid climate in late summer. What are some of the options that owners of Pittsburgh’s historic buildings can use to make their homes energy efficient and

What to Expect with a Ductless Air Conditioner

For many homeowners who don’t want the added cost and cooling power needed to control the temperatures in their entire square footage, a ductless AC system can be a wise investment. In fact, that’s not the only scenario in which a ductless system, also known as a mini-split AC, can make sense. For small outbuildings that don’t have existing ductwork, you can still maintain cool interior temperatures with the help of an efficient, minimally invasive ductless system. Even in larger