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Reasons Why Your Drains Are Stinking Badly

The last thing anyone wants to have in their home is an unpleasant smell. The cleanest houses can take on a horrible smell when there are drainage issues. If you catch a whiff of a bad odor coming from your drains, you want to eliminate the smell right away. There are many reasons drains smell. Some fixes are simple while others require professional plumbing installation in Pittsburgh, PA, to replace damaged sewer pipes. Keep reading to learn more about the

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

For many homeowners, your home’s pipes and plumbing aren’t really on your radar until something goes wrong. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way, however, in preventing those things that do go wrong eventually. For example, regular drain cleaning might not be a current part of your cleaning routine, but it should be, since there are so many benefits. Read on to learn about these benefits of keeping your drains cleaned and why every homeowner should do it.

Cold Weather and Clogged Drain: Is There Any Link?

Clogged drains can happen at any time, but if you have ever noticed that they seem more common during the winter, it’s not an accident. It’s important that you keep your home adequately heated at all times during the winter to prevent pipes from freezing. Extreme cold can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing in other ways as well. Here are a few things you should know about low temperatures and clogged drains.

Drain Gurgling: What You Need to Know

Are funny sounds coming from your drains? Don’t ignore these sounds. A gurgling drain means business, but the good news is that there’s help available from your neighborhood emergency plumbing service in Pittsburgh, PA. So, even if the water releases from the drain while it’s making noises, you still need to call for service. Read on to learn more about what noisy drains mean and how to fix the problem. Slow-Forming Clogs Although it seems like clogs appear without warning,

Tips to Protect Your Bathroom Drain

When your drain clogs, it can really put a damper on your mood (as well as your home). Fortunately, there are ways to prevent clogs in your bathroom. The best thing you can do is to buy a drain gate or strainer. These relatively inexpensive devices sit over your drain and catch all the large objects that would otherwise go down it. It will prevent hair, large chunks of soap, and your jewelry from heading into your pipes. Just be

The Significance of Clean Grease Traps at Restaurants

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know how important the grease trap is to how well the kitchen runs. You’ve also probably experienced the bad odors and other issues that occur when a grease trap isn’t cleaned. When grease traps aren’t cleaned well, not only does this lead to expensive commercial plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA,but it also can lead to sanctions from the city. Keep reading to learn more about why grease trap cleaning is so important. Grease

Common Plumbing Emergencies No Homeowner Wants to Face

A clogged drain in your home or business is a pretty common complaint that plumbers and sewer repair companies hear often. That being said, it is certainly not a welcome occurrence. It can make even the simplest jobs — such as washing your face, brushing your teeth and washing dishes — almost impossible. One way to head off any issues that arise because of a clogged drain is being proactive about prevention. Below, you’ll find some common causes of clogged

Most Common Causes of Drain Clogs

If you find that your drains frequently clog, it may help to understand why it is happening. With many drain clogs, there is often an underlying problem that can be remedied. With that in mind, here are the three most common causes of drain clogs. Soap Buildup Unfortunately, one of the most common substances to go down your drain is often the very thing that clogs it up. Over time, soap can build up and harden on your pipes as

Tips and Advice on How to Mitigate Plumbing Problems

Your home’s plumbing is probably not something that you think about too much on a regular basis. As long as water emerges from the faucet or shower when you turn it on and the toilet flushes adequately most of the time, it can seem like your plumbing system is sufficient. The key to avoiding small plumbing problems that can quickly grow into large ones, though, is to make sure you follow these three tips.