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Red Flags That Your Heat Pump Needs a Repair

  Having a warm, heated home in the winter is easy to take for granted—until it no longer functions properly. The experts at Stahl Plumbing recommend keeping a close eye on your heat pump to watch for red flags that may indicate that your heat is no longer able to do its job effectively. Their knowledgeable and qualified experts are there to ensure that your home stays warm and cozy while minimizing stress and worry on your end. Since they’re

Signs It’s Time to Get Your Boiler Repaired

Your boiler is the silent workhorse of your basement, providing your home with the heat needed to keep you and your family toasty through the cold, dark winter months. However, any full-service plumbing expert in Pittsburgh, PA, will tell you that there is no such thing as maintenance-free equipment, and your boiler needs regular service to operate at peak efficiency. Stahl Plumbing examines the telltale signs that it’s time to schedule repairs for your boiler, or when you might need

Common Winter Heating Problems

Did you know the average winter temperature in the Pittsburgh area is about 30 degrees? In fact, in January, the average temperature rarely gets above freezing. So it’s no surprise that for residents and businesses in our area, having a steady and dependable heating system tops the list when winter weather rolls around. During those winter months, your heating system is taxed each and every day. Knowing some of the most common heating system problems can help you anticipate issues

Preparing Your Heater for Winter

Fall is here. Now that autumn has arrived, the trees are showing their true colors, pumpkin spice-flavored products are everywhere and the temperatures are dropping. What this really means is that it is now time for you to get your furnace ready for winter. We’ve gathered a few helpful tips for you to help prepare this critical piece of equipment for the coming months ahead. Tips to Prepare Your Heater Change your air filters – Somewhere in your HVAC system,

Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Your furnace works the hardest during the cold winter months, when temperatures outside need to be kept at bay. Winter can come upon you suddenly, and you turn the thermostat up to keep your family comfortable. The last thing you need to find out at that particular moment is that your furnace isn’t up to the job and you need emergency heating services. Getting your furnace ready for winter is an essential task that you should start before you actually

Electric vs Gas: Which Type of Water Heater Is Best?

When it comes to picking the type of water heater for your home, many Pittsburgh plumbers agree that there are only a couple options that work well for most families: electric or gas. But which one would work best for your particular situation and your household’s needs? Ultimately, it’s a choice your family needs to make. Here’s a guide to help you decide.

Why Maintaining Your HVAC System Pays Off

When you buy a car, you get the oil changed and the tires rotated on a regular basis as well as other maintenance to keep it running properly, right? Your home’s HVAC system should receive just as regular attention as the vehicle you drive and should serve you well for just as long. Why? Here are some reasons for keeping your HVAC system well maintained.

Water Heaters: Should You Go Tankless?

When you’re trying to improve your home or office energy efficiency, one strong possibility for many people is changing out a storage tank water heater for a tankless water heater. Though the Pittsburgh plumbing scene has seen many retrofits for this type of energy-efficient water heater, is it the best option for your situation? Here are some things to take into account before you start calling all the plumbers in Pittsburgh for quotes:

Flame On: How Routine Heater Maintenance Saves Your Health

When you heat with gas, whether it’s your hot water or your furnace, regular routine maintenance helps ensure that your home and its occupants remain healthy and safe. Failing to maintain your system can lead to serious health problems, including respiratory issues, carbon monoxide exposure and similar concerns. Here are some issues that routine heater maintenance can help prevent:

5 Common Issues that Plague Homes During Winter

When you’re deep into the winter months, problems can pop up with your heating system and health that can make your home uncomfortable. How do you enjoy those special times with your family when your home isn’t comfortable? Here are five common issues that can plague your home during the winter.