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Tips for Troubleshooting Your Hot Water Heater

Hot water is a modern luxury that’s all too easy to take for granted. You enjoy relaxing showers, clean your dishes, and wash your clothes with hot water, but when the water runs cold unexpectedly, what should you do? Chances are something has gone wrong with your hot water heater, and knowing the telltale signs will help your 24/7 emergency Pittsburgh plumber from Stahl get you the help you need, fast. Know Your Hot Water Heater Your unit will use

Your HVAC System During the Holidays

As the holidays approach it is natural to look for ways to cut back on expenses, especially if you want to give gifts to friends and family, or even host a holiday gathering in your home. But not everyone thinks about their energy use as one of the major ways that can help families add a little more to their budget. When it comes to essential services that make your home run smoothly, few things are as essential as having

3 Reasons your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired in Fall

You made it through the summer, but your air conditioner could be in need of repair before you turn it off for the winter. Taking care of problems now ensures they won’t fester and grow over the cooler months and allows you to confidently turn on your A/C when you need it next spring. If you spot any of these common air conditioner problems this fall, it is time to give us a call: 3 Common Fall Air Conditioner Problems

Features of the Best Pittsburgh Heating & A/C Specialists

Whether you’re looking for a technician to conduct routine maintenance on your HVAC system or you need an emergency repair on your air conditioner as soon as possible, you know that locating the best heating and air conditioning service company in your area is the surest way to guarantee the best results. However, how can you be certain that you’ve located the most reliable and professional HVAC specialist in the Pittsburgh region? Look at the Company’s Track Record One of

Pros and Cons of Traditional Gas-Powered Water Heaters

Imagine for a moment life without a water heater in your home. Showers would be unbearably cold. Dishes and laundry would not get adequately cleaned. You wouldn’t even be able to wash your hands under warm water. Let’s face it, a water heater is a simple luxury that would be hard to live without. This is why it’s important to stay on top of water heater maintenance. There are times you may need to call a Pittsburgh plumber to get

Are Recessed Lights Affecting your HVAC Efficiency?

Recessed lights are a popular way for designers to add lighting to a space without having to install a protruding light fixture. The result often looks great, but these recessed lights may be a lot more costly than they first seem. It turns out that recessed lights are one of the biggest drags on HVAC efficiency a home may have.

Give Your HVAC System A Break

In an area like Pittsburgh, your HVAC system is an important part of your home. Abrupt weather changes mean that you’ll want your system in great shape. We recommend regular checkups to maintain a long life. Regular scheduled services also help you avoid an emergency furnace repair when the temperatures dip in the winter. And you won’t find yourself without a working air conditioner on the hottest day of the year.