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6 Tips for Winterizing Your HVAC Systems

With cold winter months just around the corner, your home is gradually transitioning its reliance on its HVAC system. After summer months spent leaning on the air conditioner to maintain a cool home interior, your furnace is about to shake off months of hibernation as you depend on its heating capacity to keep your household warm this summer. Its time to start winterizing your HVAC system. But these powerful appliances can’t do their jobs without regular maintenance and tuneups to

Do You Need a Fall HVAC Tune-Up? Find Out Here

If you made it through the summer without running into any air conditioner issues, count yourself lucky. When temperatures rise, your A/C unit shoulders a heavy burden in trying to keep your home cool—and this hard work can leave a lasting mark on your appliance as temperatures start to drop. For this reason, the fall season is a popular time to schedule A/C tune-ups before covering the appliance or storing it away for the winter months. If you’ve never scheduled

Your A/C and Seasonal Allergies

You’ve noticed a trend in your home: you turn on your air conditioner, and soon after, you’re sneezing and experiencing an allergy attack. Given the relationship between those two events, it makes sense that many people would start to suspect their air conditioner is putting something in the air that they’re allergic to. While that assumption isn’t entirely accurate, the impact of your air conditioner on your allergies isn’t quite that simple. To help clear up the common misconceptions of

Why Is My Electric Bill So High: 5 Reasons

  A high utilities bill can be a point of frustration for any homeowner or renter. When your electricity bill spikes, it’s natural to want to figure out why—and to make changes that will save you money on this bill in the future. A high electricity bill can be caused by many different factors—and oftentimes, your bill may be inflated by several different contributing factors. If you’re trying to figure out what causes your electric bill to be high, here’s

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool In a Heat Wave

High heat places a lot of stress on your home’s air conditioning unit. Even a fully functional air conditioner can struggle to maintain your desired indoor temperatures when heat waves strike. Add in poor insulation and/or an aging, undersized A/C unit, and you can suddenly find yourself in a situation where your indoor temperatures are steadily rising. If your A/C unit is losing the battle against high heat, you can take steps to support its cooling and stem the rising

A Guide to MERV Ratings: What is MERV and How Does It Work

Indoor air quality is something that many of us take for granted but is a critical component of your home’s overall cleanliness. Maintaining indoor air free of dust, dander and other particles helps with allergies and respiratory issues, and leads to a cleaner, healthier environment. Your home’s heating and cooling system plays a major role in this goal. Your experienced HVAC provider may talk with you about your system’s Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) and its importance in regard to your indoor

The Importance of an Efficient Air Conditioner This Summer

When the summer temperatures soar, the heat can put a great deal of stress on your AC system. While your air conditioner will generally perform admirably despite the heavier workload, periods of peak use often mean compromised efficiency when it comes to the amount of cool air you get in exchange for the energy consumed. The average American spends thousands each year in energy costs, so one of the best ways to trim the fat from your household budget is

Things You Should Know about a Zoned HVAC System

Would you like more control over your home’s heating and cooling? Are some rooms hotter than others because they get more sunlight? Do you have rooms that never seem to warm up? Companies that offer heating installation services in Pittsburgh, PA, recommend zoned HVAC systems to help homeowners keep their homes comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about what zoned HVAC systems do and why they’re recommended by home heating service professionals. What Is Zoned HVAC? In a nutshell, a

The Dangers Associated with DIY HVAC Repair

Given the sheer volume of do-it-yourself guides and tips available online, it can be tempting to think that every household project can be handled with a box of tools and a YouTube video. While there are plenty of DIYs that are absolutely feasible, such as building a birdhouse, refinishing a table, or creating your own ornaments, there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. The technical know-how, experience, and training necessary to handle any HVAC system isn’t

Reasons Why Changing Your Air Filter Matters

If there is one thing you do to prevent expensive hvac repairs in Pittsburgh, PA, let it be changing your filter. Replacing your air filter matters so much in terms of how well your system runs and getting as many years out of it as you can. Continue reading to learn all the reasons filter replacement is something you need to be doing regularly. A Dirty Air Filter Equals an Inefficient System You want your HVAC system to run as efficiently