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Spring Maintenance Checklist for AC Units

Spring may be best known as the time for cleaning and freshening up your home. However, it is also a prime time to take care of all of the maintenance tasks necessary to keep your home and yard in the best condition possible. One thing you may not want to forget is your HVAC unit. After all, with summer on the way, you know you will be giving the AC a workout soon. We’ve put together a checklist of the

Should I Service My Air Conditioner Every Year?

Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and comfortable all year long. However, if you are waiting until something goes wrong to have an HVAC expert look at your system, you could be putting more stress on it than you need to, and shortening its lifespan. We’ve gathered a few reasons why you should have this system serviced yearly. By following this advice, it may

What Causes Loud Noises from My Pipes?

When the plumbing in your home is operating at peak efficiency, it should be so quiet that you don’t even realize it’s there. If your pipes do start making their presence known, usually in the form of loud banging or other noises that seem to happen whenever you flush the toilet or run your washing machine, you could be looking at a small-yet-irritating sign of a much larger problem.

The Pros and Cons of a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater can be a wonderful addition to a home. Instead of continuously storing hot water, tankless units heat the water when the faucet is turned on. These units are also called ‘on-demand,’ or ‘instantaneous’ water heaters. However, this type of water heater is not for everyone. Take a look at the pros and cons of an on-demand water heater to decide if this kind of water heater is right for you.

The Myths of Drain Cleaning

Lots of misunderstandings exist about cleaning drains and when to call in residential plumbing services. You might even call these misunderstandings myths. Here are four of our favorite bad ideas.

How Routine Washer Maintenance Will Save You Time and Money

If your washing machine breaks, the resulting problems can be quite serious! Not only will you wind up paying for a repair person to fix the machine (or even replacing it if the damage is severe,) but you may wind up with a big mess on your hands in the form of flooding. While there is always the chance for an unexpected breakage, performing routine maintenance on your washer can prevent many problems from occurring in the first place.

Tips to Avoid Freezing Pipes

The cold weather of Pittsburgh’s winters poses a threat to homes’ pipes. Sub-freezing temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and potentially burst. Help prevent your home’s pipes from freezing this winter with these tips.

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies During the Holidays

Imagine, you have a long list of ingredients for dinners with family and friends. Then there’s the list of gifts to purchase. And don’t forget the list of cleaning and decorating projects to complete before holiday guests arrive. You’re an organized person so you think to yourself, what could go wrong.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance for Pet Lovers

Pets are like family members and bring a lot of extra love into your life. At the same time, they can bring a lot of hair and wreak havoc with your plumbing system. Luckily, pet plumbing problems can be prevented or remedied. Here are some tips to avoid pet plumbing problems.