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6 Tips for Winterizing Your HVAC Systems

With cold winter months just around the corner, your home is gradually transitioning its reliance on its HVAC system. After summer months spent leaning on the air conditioner to maintain a cool home interior, your furnace is about to shake off months of hibernation as you depend on its heating capacity to keep your household warm this summer. Its time to start winterizing your HVAC system. But these powerful appliances can’t do their jobs without regular maintenance and tuneups to

Is a Plumbing Inspection Necessary When Buying a New Home?

After your offer on a home is accepted, every home buyer has a limited window of time where they can bring in experts to perform inspections and make sure the home isn’t hiding any serious issues that would lead to increased costs for the buyer. In some cases, homeowners might pay for an overall home inspection from a licensed inspector that reviews everything in a home, including structures, insulation, electric, plumbing, and other aspects of the building. But some homeowners

The Benefits of Upgrading your Home with a New Furnace

Nobody ever upgrades their furnace just for fun. When this appliance is doing its job and efficiently heating your home, it’s easy to take your home’s furnace for granted. But a single service outage can quickly put your household in an emergency situation—especially if this furnace failure takes place in the middle of the winter. While replacing a furnace is never fun, it’s often necessary—and time may be of the essence. It’s not all bad news, though: Once your new

How to Prevent Your Kitchen Drain from Being Clogged

A clogged kitchen drain is not a problem you can ignore. Your kitchen sink is a crucial utility in your home, and blockages can disrupt your ability to cook and clean—and potentially create an overflow hazard, if left ignored. Some basic kitchen sink care and maintenance can go a long way toward reducing the rate of cloggings in your pipes, and alleviate the stress that comes with having to troubleshoot clogs and/or contact a specialist to schedule service. If your

5 Common Water Problems in Pennsylvania

Filtration and treatments are vital steps to dealing with water contamination in Pennsylvania, but that leads to a frequent question: What types of contamination does PA struggle with, anyway? Could it be dangerous to your health? Let’s round up the five most common problems we’ve seen, and why they are dangerous for those living in the state. 1. High Levels of Lead in Water Lead is a particularly insidious danger in water supplies: It can’t be seen or tasted, and

The 5 Different Types of Plumbing Pipes

When you look at a plumbing system, it’s easy to see there are several different types of plumbing pipes used in different ways. Let’s look at the types of plumbing pipes and their uses to see what may be found in today’s houses! Copper Pipes Copper is both one of the older types of plumbing pipe materials and a very popular option today – no other choice has stood the test of time quite so well. (For example, cast iron, an older

What to Do About a Clogged Shower Drain

You probably know the creeping feeling that your shower drain is becoming clogged: Over time, more and more standing water builds up in your shower, and lingers for longer before draining out. This is a sure sign that hair and other materials are forming an unpleasant clog down your shower drain. That standing water can start causing serious issues with your shower or bathtub over time, so it’s best to deal with it sooner rather than later. If you’re looking

Hard Water: A Complete Overview

You’ve probably heard of hard water before. But what exactly is it? Is it dangerous for your plumbing or, more importantly, for your health? This blog will give you a complete overview of hard water, so keep reading to get answers to these questions and more. And if you need home plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA, reach out to the plumbing experts here at Stahl Plumbing. What Is It? So, what exactly is hard water? You probably know that it

6 Plumbing Emergencies That Every Homeowner Must Know

Many plumbing problems will reveal themselves gradually, providing homeowners with an opportunity to have them repaired without the help of an emergency plumber in Pittsburgh, PA. However, others can rise suddenly, creating stunning, inconvenient emergencies that require immediate attention. Those plumbing emergencies are most pressing because they can cause significant damage to other portions of your house in addition to creating breaks in service and potential messes. Fortunately, when you experience these urgent plumbing problems, you can call on emergency

Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted the Plumbing Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected industries of all kinds, forcing some businesses to close while changing how others conduct business and serve their clientele. Here’s how the pandemic has affected the plumbing industry in particular. The Plumber’s Uniform: Extra protection is necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plumbers now work with shoe covers, gloves, respiratory masks, and contact-reducing guidelines to protect them from catching or spreading the virus. Availability: Businesses across the country have remained closed to slow the spread of