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Tips for Troubleshooting Basic Plumbing Problems

Not every plumbing problem requires a phone call for residential plumbing services. Most minor plumbing problems are an easy do-it-yourself fix, as long as you are able to follow directions. Here’s 5 plumbing problems that you can tackle on your own.

What Happens After You Flush?

The toilet is one of the most common water fixtures in homes and businesses, but it’s also the one that’s most often taken for granted. Developed over the centuries, the modern toilet provides us with excellent sanitation and a healthier environment by effectively removing bacteria-laden waste from our lives. But what happens once you hit that button or lever? Here’s a quick look into the inner workings of black water systems:

When Is It Time To Re-Pipe Your Home?

A leak here, a clog there – these are normal everyday plumbing issues that can occur in any home and don’t necessarily mean that your pipes need replacing. However, wise homeowners still keep a watchful eye on their home’s water and plumbing, especially if it is older. Any knowledgeable plumber, or homeowner, for that matter, can tell you that water damage is often a bigger, costlier issue than dealing with the plumbing itself. Read below for some of the common