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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace a Toilet

When your toilet is working fine, it’s easy to ignore this household workhorse. But how do you know when it’s having issues that can be ignored versus those that are going to require some changes? Here is some information to help you decide when it’s time to repair versus time to replace your toilet.

The Plumbing Checklist: Check Off Your Concerns

When you’re dealing with your home’s plumbing at midnight, the last thing you need to realize is that the tool or supply you need is at the store. By keeping a basic kit on hand of essential supplies and tools, you can avoid those frustrating midnight runs or make do until morning when the store opens. Though these won’t cover more advanced plumbing repair problems, they will help keep those minor emergencies down to a minimum:

Last Minute Home Improvement Jobs Before The End Of Summer

With summer wrapping up, you may find that you’ve crossed all of the big home improvements off of your to-do list, or you’ve at least decided you won’t be getting to them this year. But, if you’re looking to make good use of the last few summer weekends, there are several projects you could take on that will improve your home’s comfort and make it energy-efficient.

Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle During the Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a great time to celebrate summer. With the long weekend, you may want to complete some home improvement tasks. Now is the perfect time because it is not yet extremely hot and you have a few days to get the jobs done. Take advantage of the long weekend and spruce up your home. To help you get to a starting point, we have complied a list of tasks that can be done during Memorial Day Weekend.