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Plumbing Tips to Transition Your Home from Winter to Spring

Winter can be tough on your home, especially its plumbing system. Spring is the perfect time to check on the overall health of your home’s pipes, both to prevent long term damage and prepare them for Spring. Before you clean off the grill and put out the sprinklers, prepare your home’s plumbing for Spring with these simple guidelines.

How To Know It’s Time for a New Hot Water

Most people rely on the comfort and convenience of their water heater every day. Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your water heater, but if you start experiencing certain problems, your unit may be beyond maintenance or repair. According to our team of Pittsburgh plumbers, here are some warning signs that your conventional, tankless or hybrid heater might not last much longer. Warning Signs Based on Your Type of Water Heater There are three types of water heaters. The conventional, tank-equipped type

The 3 Types of Home Heating Boilers and Their Benefits

The modern homeowner is not without a range of choices when it comes to chasing the winter chill away. As reliable and professional Pittsburgh plumbers, we have helped hundreds of Pittsburgh and Allegheny county residents maintain a safe and healthy residential and business environment for many years. Below is a brief presentation of home heating boilers and their advantages.

How To Detect if a Water Pipe Is Frozen

Most of the time, it’s a good thing that our pipes are not transparent. When there’s a possibility that you have a frozen pipe, however, every homeowner has a moment when they wish they could see inside their pipes to know for certain. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if your pipes have frozen without needing X-ray vision. Our plumbers in Pittsburgh have a few tips on how to determine whether your pipes have actually frozen. It’s Cold Outside Water

7 Common Leaks for Homeowners

Leaks are a major problem when they pop up in your home. Not only do they cost you money on your water bill, but they can also can cost you hundreds in home repairs and require a visit from a licensed plumber. Here are the most common leaks you may encounter as a homeowner.

Frozen Pipes: Part 2

Now that you know freezing water and plumbing lines do not mix well, is there anything you can do to prevent the worst from happening? The answer is a resounding yes, so pay close attention! Because water expands as it freezes, you ultimately end up with a burst pipe, an expensive emergency plumbing repair that can have devastating consequences. Your local Pittsburgh plumbers advise you to be proactive this autumn and take the appropriate measures to prevent your pipes from bursting.