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6 Easy Steps To Maintaining Your Hot Water Heater

Homeowners know that the privilege of owning a home comes with many responsibilities. One of those responsibilities includes making sure that the hot water is always hot. You know if it isn’t hot you will be hearing about it — from your wife, husband, kids or roommates. Below are practical steps you can take to make sure your hot water heater stays in prime condition and that you’re never caught without heat or hot water on a blustery winter day.

How To Detect if a Water Pipe Is Frozen

Most of the time, it’s a good thing that our pipes are not transparent. When there’s a possibility that you have a frozen pipe, however, every homeowner has a moment when they wish they could see inside their pipes to know for certain. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if your pipes have frozen without needing X-ray vision. Our plumbers in Pittsburgh have a few tips on how to determine whether your pipes have actually frozen. It’s Cold Outside Water

How To Test for Backflow

Every residential and commercial plumbing system is designed to allow a clean supply of freshwater and to subsequently dispose of waste water, otherwise known as sewage. When everything is operating as it should, there will be a continuous flow of clean water through your home or office. However, one problem that can seemingly strike at random and cause a whole manner of further issues is backflow. Please contact our emergency plumbing repair in Pittsburgh if you see or suspect signs of sewage backup.