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Why Replacing Your Toilet Can Save You Money

When you have a home or business to keep up with, you want to save all the money you can while maintaining good performance. One area you can save a lot of money is by swapping out an older toilet for a low-flow model. Using 30 percent of our water supply, toilets are the largest user of water in your home. Older toilets used between 3-6 gallons of water per flush. The new standard is 1.6 gallons per flush, which

Easy Ways to Save Water at Home

When it comes to conservation of clean water, there are easy ways and hard ways to go about addressing the problem. If you’re not ready for rainwater cisterns and greywater systems, here are several easy ways to save water without spending a lot of money on expensive equipment and Pittsburgh plumbers:

DIY Guide: Simple Problems You Can Fix From Home

Though there are many home repair tasks that can be beyond the skill and the knowledge of the average homeowner, there are also numerous small tasks that are well within that range as well. Whether it’s heating, cooling or plumbing, these tasks can be easily managed and ensure that your home continues running smoothly, even preventing larger repair problems down the road.