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Reasons You Have Low Water Pressure

There are few things as frustrating a low water pressure in your home’s water fixtures. But what causes it and what can you do to fix the problem? Here are a few areas of concern and how you can get the pressure back on again:

What It Could Mean If Your Shower Pressure Is Low

You know the feeling – you turn on your shower and there’s barely any water flow. What does it mean? Will it require time-consuming repairs? Here are some possible issues if you’re experiencing low shower pressure.

Frozen Pipes: Part 1

Winters in Pittsburgh are rarely mild, so you should therefore be prepared for that ever-annoying problem known as frozen pipes. A lack of access to running water is a nuisance any time of year, but there is nothing worse than running out of hot H2O on a cold December morning. So, what exactly causes the pipes in your home to freeze, and is bursting inevitable? If your pipes burst, contact your 24 hour Pittsburgh plumber to take care of the problem